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Magic Lens Max is a real-time, intuitive and advanced screen magnifier and desktop viewer to zoom, rotate, enhance, view and capture any area or the full of screen display. With built-in highly optimized resampling and enhancing filters, Magic Lens Max generates high-quality lens view with clarity in various situations. It also lets you viewing in different color mode or adjusting the color levels of separated channels.
With gamma adjustment and sharpening enhancement, Magic Lens Max can greatly improve the visibility and clarity of graphics in the shaded, blurred, or dark areas. It enables you easily viewing the graphic details that normally hard to be seen.
Magic Lens Max works transparently with the system, tracks the mouse cursor and system caret automatically. You can easily use mouse wheel and arrow keys to magnify, rotate, or lighten/darken the lens view, or press the hotkeys to show/hide, lock/unlock the lens view, or capture the snapshot of it to image files.
Magic Lens Max perfectly integrates quality, speed and convenience. It is a fast, powerful and easy-to-use viewing utility to improve and enhance the vision of computer display.
Magic Lens Max Features:
Customizable lens shape with 3 smooth styles (Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle and Rectangle).
Variable magnification from 1/2x to 32x.
Arbitrary rotation of the lens view.
Full-screen magnification, rotation and enhancement.
Built-in 6 real-time resampling filters for zooming (Nearest, Linear, Cosine, Spline, Cubic and Mitchell).
Built-in 3 real-time enhancing filters (Sharpen, Sharpen More and Edge Enhance).
Viewing in 4 color modes (True Color, Grayscale, Invert and Sepia).
Viewing through one or more of separated color channels (Red, Green and Blue).
Arbitrarily adjusting the color levels of lens view.
Variable gamma level from 0.2 to 6.0.
Simultaneously tracking the mouse cursor and system caret.
Adjustable offset position of the lens center.

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